Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dear Sanna - hey there

Wow I just wrote the longest post when my internet decided to close!!! I will try to remember...

So Sunday there was a pretty disappointing show, and I didn't even really know what to say right after. The day began with class from a teacher I once really liked, but now she is fighting for her job and trying too hard to seem important. Instead of the good corrections she used to give when needed, now she just stops the music all the time to yell about something stupid and insignificant, just to seem important. She also has to make a point of speaking up and agreeing with only the really horrible things the artistic director says. Anyway I was about at my wits end when we started the grande allegro over for the third time because somebody did an arm in fifth instead of first and then she wanted 4 people instead of 3. We didn't even do a good jete combination, which is really important for me before the triple bill, since I do a lot of jetes. It's not the same practicing on your own without music.

Then we wasted all the time we had for spacing on this stupid new piece where spacing is the least of our worries, and had no time to space the other pieces. The stage was also tiny. By the time we finished the stupid piece, we barely had time to do our hair and makeup, so the other parts were a mess as far as spacing goes. Well it was just a bad show for everyone. We had no room to stretch our arms and legs and everyone was on edge.

The next day the artistic director took a bunch of people out of things, so there would be more space but also because we did not do well. I was somewhat consoled by the fact that I was only taken out of part, while the rest either stayed or went. Of course it would've been better not to be taken out at all, but I was glad I still got to do something. It's really unfortunate the rest had only one chance. Hopefully casting will go back to how it was when we go on tour, where the stage will be nice and big.

Did I mention we were going on a week-long tour by the way? It is so exciting, because we are going to a really famous city, but it is very far, and most company members have never been there (including me!). I can't wait to travel and see all the different things and perform for a new audience. It is a really cool thing to do, and I'm not sure I would ever get to go to this place if I wasn't dancing here with this company.

Anyway there was one last show here last night, and it went much better. We took time to space everything, and there was more room since there were less people. The artistic director even told me it was good (besides one little thing of course) in the end.

So hopefully I will have internet access this week, but if not I promise a detailed description of my trip when I return!


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