Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dear Sanna - home at last!

I just got back from the most incredible trip. I am exhausted but I had so much fun - one of the best times of my life. Everyone was sad to leave, because it was like a vacation with all of our friends, but coming back here makes it really feel like home. It's a nice feeling. I see I have missed a lot of posts so I will read them and get back to you, but for now I'll talk a little about the trip.

So the day to leave finally came, and everyone was excited to get on the bus and go to the airport, especially our scary ballet mistress, who was completely intoxicated. It was actually really scary to see her so messed up, and it was a little embarrassing for such an important member of the company to look that way in public. She did go back to normal when it was time to work on tour, which was a relief, but a lot of people lost respect for her because of the way she acted. As long as she does her job as wonderfully as she normally does, I guess it doesn't matter that much how she acts outside of work, but it is weird to let your coworkers see you that way.

Anyway the city was incredible and we had tons of fun exploring, trying new food, and bonding with the company. We had breakfast and dinner in the hotel everyday, and usually there would be something going on in some hotel room at night, so I got to spend time with a lot of the company members I don't usually see outside of work. It was so much fun. We even got to do some sight-seeing and touristy things, which made me really appreciate traveling and this company for it's great tours. This trip alone made coming here worthwhile.

The theater was incredible, too. We are used to dancing in mostly really small theaters, usually just for one show before moving on to a new place, so it was great to stay in one spot and have a beautiful, spacious dressing room. The shows were practically all sold-out, which was also cool, because we knew there were a lot of people who really wanted to be there and were interested in seeing us.

Now we have a couple days of rest before it's back to work. It will be interesting to see what it's like back at the studio after the tour.


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