Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dear Sanna - the power of hindsight

It is amazing to think about how much I have learned in the past few years. As I was reading the posts about Julie, I had such strong memories of myself during high school and earlier. I had some teachers in ballet who I hated so much, I barely thought about dancing at all during those classes. I expended so much energy talking and thinking about how much I hated a teacher, when I could have been working on my technique, or at least enjoying my time dancing. When I think now about those classes, I just tried to make the time pass instead of taking advantage of my chance to improve. I often found myself rebelling against the combinations, as if to prove they were not good, and instead making it seem like me who was not good. If I would have accepted the challenge and made something of what I then thought of as a terrible combination, it would have been much more productive (and healthy, too, I think!).

It's so simple now to think, yes teachers can be annoying, but class is still class. Of course I still get annoyed - I just talked about how frustrated I was when the warm-up class did not prepare me for a show, but I certainly do not get angry the way I used to. I still try to make the most of class, and I really understand now and appreciate that class is for me. I make what I want of it. Teachers can give their imput, but it really is up to me how I want to work in class every day. Especially as a company member, nobody is forcing me to even finish class. I could slop through barre everyday and then leave if I wanted, but first of all there's no fun in that, and second of all I would never get any better.

I think Julie needs to remember why she is dancing in the first place. Teachers are important, and it's nice to respect them and be able to learn as much as possible, but if you really cannot like them, at least do your best work in class and try to make the most out of dancing. It is so true what Sanna says about negativity. It can completely change the atmosphere and the way you perform.


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