Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dance Mind - Julie.

Julie is 16.  Like you she has lots of teachers for her dance classes. She is a competitive dancer.

There are three teachers that 'rub her the wrong way.' Just the mere thought of them made her grit her teeth. She would rant in her mind during class - "I hate you." "You are so mean and ugly."  
Julie disliked attending these classes and found herself wanting to miss class. She was less than enthusiastic to go to class when she felt devalued and criticized. She did not mind being corrected, but there was a tone that really bothered her and made her angry. She would mess up simple routines and found herself in a rut.

What could she do?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Julie could try to do what Janie does and extract the positive/constructive information from those teachers' criticisms and block out the negative. She should also remember that she's there to dance, and they're just trying to help her.