Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dear Sanna - let's go!

I am ready to set some goals, although I might need a little help because at the moment I cannot really think of very specific things...

Anyway work has pretty much been business as usual. We are learning 2 new ballets right now, one of which I really like and am definitely part of (pretty much the whole company is in it). The other is a little heavier, but I actually was surprised that I like it a lot, too. It's a bunch of couples, and the casting isn't really clear yet, but I think I might be dancing in some of it. It is hard to tell. Anyway we will see.

I feel a little funny in the second piece, because it is partnering, which is not exactly one of my strengths anyway. Then on top of that, my partner is always really really tired because we rehearse this ballet at the end of the day and he always has a full schedule of rehearsals and usually his variation just before. I would like to do it full out more often, but I can't force him to if he is tired. He also isn't really all that sure of the choreography, and seems to be hoping we stay second cast instead of actually going in. I don't want to nag or upset him, but I also want to be considered for the part. How can I show I want to perform if I can't practice enough to do it well with my partner?


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