Saturday, April 25, 2009

DanceMind: Dear Janie, It's all the same to you!

Your posts are very revealing once again about the challenges within dance companies, especially in the area of communication. Communication is often uncensored and emotionally driven. Often based on appearances. (you are studying and director views it as if you are not 'concerned about your piece.')

It is difficult to not take things personally, or to not feel badly. You have been working hard, are dancing with partners you are not familiar with and have been mentally rehearsing. How could he tell that?????

Some aspects of preparation are unseen and unnoticed. Placing your attention on other matters can actually strengthen your performance. It is virtually impossible to sustain ALL your attention on choreography ALL the time. Diverting attention to LEFT brain activites is actually a good thing. Also flipping through a magazine is a powerful relief too. Or listening to one of the audio programs you have of mine.


Back in the morning.

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