Thursday, December 20, 2007

DanceMind:Dear Janie, Get a Massage!

I am happy to hear that an end is in sight! You have been working hard.
Nutcracker season is long and can be stressful, even downright exhausting.

I do hope you take it easy and allow your body to recharge and heal through rest, good sleep and oh yes -- that massage.

I just remembered this story -- I was in Chicago for this week long
training. It was my first time in the BIG city alone and I scheduled a
massage. (This was a long time ago ---)

I was very nervous about being on the table. Am I naked? What clothes do I take off. Oh My G@# someone I do not know is going to handle my body. What if she/he looks real close and sees something. My thighs!

Mind you I was a body builder at the time and was in really good shape.

I was still very nervous. SO I arrive at the spa in the hotel and follow the instructions explicitly. I am told that Nick will be my masseur re. OMG - a guy!!!

SO I lay on the table. Enter Nick ... Nick comes in and I am not breathing. I am supposed to relax! Are you kidding me!

I notice something a little different about Nick -- He was blind! What relief!
and what hands!

Turns out he had been a musician and developed an eye disease. Massage was a career choice.

It was one good massage.

Massage for you - lets get back on track here -- There are many kinds of massages and different personalities that massage. Some are simply better than others at the administration of the massage.

there are those who specialize in working with athletes/performers. I might sugest that you look for 'sport' certification. Someone in that capacity would understand the need to have your ankles or feet worked on in a certain way.

Some people are dead set against massage for no good reason. When the muscle tissue is 'massaged' seratonin and somatostatin levels increase. AKA natural pain killers and anti-stress hormones.

The issue could be that of a therapist gets her strong fingers into an area that is ailing and then you must dance you could be very sore. On the other hand you can release bound up tension.

Remember that the tension is partly emotional and repititive activity stress.

WIth it being your first time -- I would start out light and if you FEEL as if certain areas are more tender you can always ask her / him to ease up or to apply more pressure. COMMUNICATE WITH THERAPIST. If you hurt she may know how to assist you and she can ease up a bit.

KEY -- WHen you lie on the table clear your mind to make the most of the experience.
That will be a blessing. You know how to do that - stop the thoughts, breathe nice and easy. Let the table support your body. LEt go of the grip around the feet, buttocks, shoulders, face, neck, areas where you might hold tension.

Most therapists are multi - talented. So tell her this is your first. Tell her you are a dancer. and you can just imagine how good that can feel to cover all bases and lie down to a pre pleasureable expereince!

We can continue talking thru the holidays. I will be traveling a bit.

Happy Holidays to all!

Sanna Carapellotti, MS
Performance Specialist

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