Monday, December 17, 2007

DanceMind:Dear Janie, Mind for food

Yes, you are right eating unconsciously can be dangerous literally. It is called emotional eating. You may have heard that term.

THINK ABOUT THIS -- The stomach has parameters, emotions are a bottomless pit. When you eat for hunger the body communicates to you. When you eat out of boredom, you eat more AND less quality because -- how bored is bored and how do you satisfy that. Emotins want fat and sugar.

The body switches on and off with hormones when you tune into hunger. Then you are eating for the body's needs not the emotions. That is why we have an obesity thing happening here in US.

As a dancer, you work your body hard and it makes sense that you (collective you) would eat to support the stress imposed on the body. There is a lot happening IN THE BODY that needs to be at optimal levels to support dance activitiy.
Cookies -- well you can enjoy them in the right amount but as a meal, it could catch up to you in terms of weight of fatique especially when the going gets tough...

Sanna Carapellotti, MS
Performance Specialist

PS -- Know what and how much and when you are eating. Sounds easy, yet how often do you 'discover' that you are eating!

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