Saturday, December 1, 2007

Dear Janie -- Life as a Dancer

How much fun! Your warm up dance. Sometimes it is the small things that bring us all closer together. That good laugh is certainly a tension reliever.

You can tell yourself to 'Have fun.' Or if someone says -- Good Luck! You can say witha great smile --- "And I will have fun, too!" It is a small thing, yet it makes a difference for you. DO the things that offer comfort, inspire you, push you.

I think as a group (of humans!) we do not let others know which words please us.

Yes, restaurant food can be difficult to digest (oils, sugar, salt ...) I was having this discussion with another performer the other day. When I work, I know what makes me feel well. I never eat sugar , or snacks before working with a client. I lose my intuitive edge.

Being back stage there can often be lots of snacks and cookies, etc. you have to decide what works for you. Some foods can create what is called overarousal in the body -- ' hyped up' feeling. You may not want that.

Well gotta go to bed ...

Take Care -- Sanna Carapellotti, MS
Performance Specialist

PS -- I am sorry I neglected to say that there is a wonderful gift that I have been sending out with The Stepping to Sleep program. It has been a surprise to those who ordered it! Yes, it is on sale for the time being. If your tired you can sleep better with this cd. You listen and -- sleep. You may purchase it at


Anonymous said...

on the Weight Management Program is coming link does it bill you for calling the number?

shelby said...

does calling the number on the weight management program is coming link going to bill your phone company?