Monday, July 14, 2008

Dear Sanna - square one

Before I went in to get my wisdom teeth out a few weeks ago, I was expecting to be out for a few days, but it ended up knocking me out for almost two weeks! They had to scrape my jaw bone, so it was really a lot more painful a lot longer than just pulling teeth. I was upset to be off of any type of class for so long, but I did get a great opportunity to go visit some friends and family before I leave (who cares whether I ice my face at home or in the car?) which was very important to me. Who knows when or if I'll ever have another chance?

I just got back, though, so tomorrow I begin the treacherous task of getting back into shape, both dancing and my weight. Visiting grandma isn't exactly the best way to slim down. So I'll swallow my pride tomorrow and go to my old studio and try to look my best for when I leave - August 5th! My mom is coming with me and staying 10 days to help me get settled, so it shouldn't be too scary or sad.

More later! Sorry about such a long time lapse! Nothing personal - If I wasn't even dancing, you know it must have been bad. I even missed fireworks!


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