Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dear Sanna - unreal

Ahh my summer is winding down! I mean, this is really the moment I've been waiting for, but it's still scary. I'm really glad that I am busy seeing my friends, teaching at my old studio, and getting back into shape, but it also makes getting ready to leave seem frenzied. I keep having dreams that I wake up one day and it's time to leave and I end up leaving with half my suitcases and forget to bring one pair of shoes. Not that that would actually be the end of the world, but I promise in the dream it's very stressful!

I just really want everything to go well and I want to look my best. So many times I've done things that embarrass me or that I just wish I could do over, and this is finally my chance to start fresh. I don't want to mess it up! It's my first job and I want to make a good impression so they love me as much as I want to love it there. I know it will be fine, no matter what, but I want it to be BETTER than fine. I want it to be the amazing experience it should be.

...this post brought to you by a little insomnia! But now it's really time to get up, so I should get ready for my day. Hopefully in the next few weeks posting will become part of my routine, not something to squeeze in when I should be sleeping!


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