Thursday, February 28, 2008

DanceMind: Dear Janie -- Keep Going

Happiness is continuous creative activity.  Baba Amte (social activist)

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"Yes, that really stinks learning and rehearsing a piece and then not performing it --- Yet it is a part of the experience. Rehearsing and learning those parts is an extension of your training. Everything you do builds strength of mind and body.  

I know how you love performing.  There is nothing more exciting that breathing the breath of those who had danced before you on the stage. The lights, the costumes, the smells, excitement, camaraderie, work .... 

If performing is your expected outcome of learning a piece you may feel more disappointed than you need to be.  This is a reality that aint gonna change, Janie.

This is a common complaint, yes?  I know I hear about the 'unfairness.'  It probably does not go on your resume either, even if you learn it really well.

How can you let go that frustration, cause it is not going to change.  


You never know what is up around the bend.  Dancers quit, are injured, have emergencies, become ill .... Life happens yet the performance has to go on.

It is certainly not to hope that someone becomes ill or hurt or has troubles.  
You must always be ready to do your 'part' even if you do not perform it.  

Let me ask you this -- Have you had the experience that "Oh I learned that piece when I was at __________."  

The other side is -- Let's say that they DO NOT INVITE YOU to learn any piece of choreography?  hmm-mm.

It is the same with my work -- I love learning and developing new techniques to assist people with healing and performance issues.  I  put many hours in study, classes, etc. 
However,  applying the newly learned technique to my first Monday morning client, if it is not appropriate, would be uncaring and unprofessional.  So I hold it until it is applicable, yet my brain and knowledge base has expanded. I am more competent.  I guess this can be applied to many professions.

Same with you, Janie. Look at it as 'growing' yourself as a dancer.  

Or you can storm up to the artist director and scream, "This is not fair! I have 4 blisters on my feet from learning this piece. I want to perform NOW!"

Better to buy a journal ...

Sanna Carapellotti, MS CCHT
Performance Specialist

PS -- Let us know about your auditions/ possibilities.

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