Wednesday, February 13, 2008

DanceMIND: Dear Janie -- Seed

Think of it (the WHY)  as a seed. 
If you plant a seed, everything grows out of its 'seedness.'  The roots, stem, petals, leaves ... everything that creates the plant. Under the ground and above the ground is all the support it needs to determine the quality of plant .... from  sun, rain, ecology of the soil and micro-organisms. 
It all goes back to the seed. The seed defines and influences the path (What kind of flower it is)  (Its characteristics) etc.
Same with ballet.
Sanna Carapellotti. MS CCHT
PS -- It is the same with auditions -- Some say, I want to get in to >>>>> ....  but they really do not know WHY they are there. There is sometimes more concern for status then what is best for WHO THEY ARE AS DANCERS.  The Audition CD helps to define and manage that whole process.
When you firmly know WHY YOU ARE THERE. You claim your space and go for it. 
Got it?

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