Monday, February 25, 2008

Dear Sanna

So second cast corps is officially not performing this program. I'm not really surprised, nor extremely upset, since I'm not the only one or anything, but it is disappointing to go through another season of almost daily rehearsals and a few weeks of sitting at the theater, useless, without getting anything back really. I guess it's always good to have the opportunity to learn new choreography, practice, etc., but... yeah. Anyway it's still fun to be at the theater and get to watch the shows and sometimes even get a little break from school class when we are supposed to be at two places at once. Last week we actually got in trouble, though, for missing school class when we were told to be at the theater. Go figure - seems like a lose, lose situation to me, so at least we got to rest our feet a little.

Anyway I am currently awaiting replies from many companies to which I sent requests for company class auditions. I emailed some places, sent letters and DVDs to others, or made phone calls. So far I've only heard back from two or three, with official dates set up with only one! Hopefully things will come together this week, or else I'll have to start nagging.


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