Friday, February 22, 2008

DanceMind: Dear Janie -- Love and Passion

Last night I attended a National Speakers Association event. Will Cross was the guest speaker.
He climbed Mt Everest 3 times. On his third try he reached the top. To hear his story was breath taking. The planning, the work, the risk (he is also diabetic and has 6 beautiful young children) and his commitment to his love and passion for climbing. He has climbed  mountains all over the world.

He showed us this photo of him standing on this 4 story high ladder. He was climbing up a wall of ice.  I looked at that photo and was awe stuck, some in the room were negative thinking - "Not for me!"  (I had that thought too)

He looks at it and is smitten with love and deep passion. His entire being sings. It is who he is.

It was an amazing story -- We climb mountains in our minds and he actually physically climbs the mountain and views it as a challenge through which he nourishes his soul and inspire others to pursue their passion, even if it is scrapbooking. 

I had no idea of all the risks and how one has to go about climbing. How one has to walk and breathe and eat, and use time. It was such an experience to hear. I see him in front of the room talking and joking, yet that is all I see. I am not involved or present in the process or the anguish.

Like ballet, I can watch you perform, all dressed pretty, taking your bow, yet how you get to that center stage takes an enormous effort. As you advance up the ranks YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHY YOU ARE THERE from the inside. Because if you quit tomorrow, someone will take you place real fast.

This statement is not complicated, Janie. It is what keeps you dancing when your feet are swollen and hurt, and no one sees you or notices, or when you want to sleep.

Think of it like a magic carpet, as one a dancer client realized. She created this whole empowering experience around this carpet that gave her strength, healing and guidance. It was really cool.

Sanna Carapellotti, MS CCHT
Performance Specialist

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