Thursday, February 7, 2008

DANCEMIND: Dear Janie -- Life as a Dancer

Your recent post read like the life of a true dancer -- excited, working on weight, rehearsing, looking, uncertain, wanting to be noticed and exhausted.  

There is usually several topics in each post ...

1. Weight Issue -- First I posted a new article on my site ... It reveals the #1 researched tool that assists with weight reduction.  AND it is does work!  

Give some thought to your weight goals. What does 'tone up' mean?  

I am happy to hear that you have some support with your auditions. It is not guaranteed support.   Use your AUDITION CD to help you get mentally focused and clear minded.

The apprenticeship ~~  Of course, the company will offer it to whom they believe is ready.  It sounds like you may have a few things to do before that is offered. There are so many things to consider THAT YOU WILL NOT BE PRIVY TO as we talked earlier.  There are a number of positions.  The apprentice position is a step up and closer to reality.  Follow through with your plans of talking with an instructor.  Keep the focus on YOU, not that they offered positions to others.  Ask for clarification, tell him/her what you are doing as follow THROUGH.  Tell him you are following this helpful blog ,,,   :)  

Yes, it is nice to have the exhausted spent feeling after a rehearsal. I do not know it yet I 'feel' it in mu own life with my workouts and yoga.

PS -  Smile~

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