Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dear Sanna - it begins

I've been eating really well for the past week, and I hope the directors are noticing my effort to shape up. The more I think about my evaluation, the more unsure I am of the director's exact words. I did write out what was said in the evaluation to the best of my memory, but some parts (the important part of course) are fuzzy. I was first, and under the impression that this wasn't the time when we would be offered things, more just talk about them, so I think I heard that he would like to give me an apprenticeship, and I took it as a maybe for the future. Little did I know, he was about to offer apprenticeships to two other girls right now, after my meeting. After talking to another teacher about it, I decided to ask the director of the school, who was in the meeting with the artistic director of the company and I. I have not done so yet, but I will soon.

Also, I am surprised at how helpful the "career adviser" from the school has been. I gave him a list of companies I am considering if it doesn't work out here, and tomorrow he wants to meet with me and a few other girls. Apparently he researched all sorts of companies - the ones on my list and more, and he will do his best to help me get auditions. We'll see what he says tomorrow, but I am excited that he is being so helpful.

I am exhausted, as usual, but happy because I have been rehearsing all day and the more I dance the happier I am! usually. ha. Good night!


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