Thursday, September 11, 2008

DanceMind: Dear Janie -- WHAT!!!!??!?!??

Thank you, Janie.

That was energy!

There is nothing more frustrating than being told to do something, then do it and be told you are not doing it!  Frustration, confusion, anger ...   an entire range of emotion. It is exhausting.  What do you do?  

Yes, you said it. There are so many pieces that go into learning choreography and performance ... learning the sequence of steps, cleaning the technique, developing timing and rhythm, managing the energy, so much more  and of course, smiling ... :)

The Director telling you to eat a sandwich could mean that you are too thin?  Are you?
It could mean that food provides nourishment and calories and thereby increasing your energy.
Or that you look hungry/ low energy. Maybe it is lunchtime!

When something is ambiguous and you try to do what you are asked to do and you are still getting corrected, you might want to ASK someone.  You can ASK him, or a company member or another instructor. 

Janie, you could be chasing your proverbial tale.  That will drain your energy.

On the rare occasion that I work with a teacher (most of my clients are performers) they agree that in the flash of the moment they  might not be as clear as they could be. They may have their own VIEWPOINT or expectation.

You heard ... "Feet!  FEET!"  You are pointing. You are pointing hard.  From his angle, he maybe seeing something different. Again, You could ask him. Maybe it needs to be in a different place in the air or floor. Now, I am guessing, of course.  

In the heat of rehearsal may not be the right time to ask, unless he is getting upset. You could assertively raise your hand and ask, Can you please show me?

Listen carefully. Maybe he says that to others too.

Ask around and see what HE means by that and what would make the difference. 


You mentioned that you got angry and felt energized. Maybe that is the answer for you to step up to the next level.

However, you can step it up without the attachment of anger.  The feel of that 'angry experience' is what you are after.

Let me know about this in your next post and I will tell you what to do.

Sanna Carapellotti, MS CHT

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