Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dear Sanna - busy doing nothing!

Okay not really doing nothing, but I really don't have much excuse for not blogging. I guess I have been spending too much time exploring and visiting rather than on the computer. I am definitely starting to feel much more comfortable here. I have learned to maneuver through the pushy crowds quite well (something that actually stressed me out a lot my first weeks here) and i am slowly learning more of the culture and language.

I have been almost scared in ballet these first few weeks, just to kind of not get yelled at. I have been so desperately trying to stay in line and not do the wrong thing, that I was told last week I am dancing like I am marking and I need to "bring a sandwich because I have no energy". The director often says annoying things like that. The director didn't ask me if I was tired (which I'm not by the way!). She just told me I was. But after initial frustration, I translated the speech into "you need to dance bigger and with more energy" - something positive, and more useful than the negativity of me looking tired. So I have been making an effort to put more energy into my dancing and I think it is helping a lot. I hope.

Anyway it is very late so I will write more another time and try to blog more often.

All the best!


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M. Butterfly said...

Hey! Just found this blog and wanted to shout out from one dancer to another. :-) Great content!
Happy Dancing,