Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dear Sanna - premiers galore!

Congrats to anna! I just returned from my first official professional experience as well! We performed in three different cities this past week, the whole company taking a tour bus to the shows. Although I am still getting to know the company, I think it was a good bonding experience and I am starting to really feel like part of the company.

Performing outside of a company's home theater can be a bit tricky, finding a place in the dressing room (at one theater I was in the corner, mirrorless, having to change costumes basically right in the face of a principle who wasn't dancing that night), and getting to know your way around the theater. But the people in charge of the sets and music were worse off than me! It was very interesting to see how we as a corps dealt with a big glitch in the music, after missing our first cue, then trying to catch up to the music while still dancing as a unit. But somehow we got through and, although it wasn't our best performance ever, it was fine, and the audience was still very receptive. All in all it was a good experience, and I am excited to continue the tour of this piece and later add new rep!

It is so crazy to think we have been blogging a whole year! I never would have guessed at that time that I would be living where I am, just finishing my premier as a professional dancer one year later. Here's to another year even more exciting than the last! Thanks to all the readers and supporters!


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