Friday, March 7, 2008

DanceMind: Dear Janie -- It in There

Janie -- Good Post. Very meaningful. 'Full of it' in a good way.  You have lots of clear insights and very definite emotion.

After writing about WHAT YOU BRING to ballet .... do you feel the difference in terms of purpose and what keeps you focused. Who you are is steady. That devotion is constant. Creativity is energy that is shaped and ever flowing.

You have a couple of really good lines in your last post that can speak of that thread we have been working on -- Can you reread that and pull out a short sentence that says it all
Read it without 'thinking.' Let the words lift out of the page for you to connect with. Your insight is powerful.  Take a look at the essence post again too.  It is very spiritual (not in a religious sense). 

This statement will carry you when times are tough, when you need to keep going, or your feet are bleeding.

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