Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dear Sanna - commencing condensation

I think I'll try to condense that last post a little at a time. I'll start with a sentence for each part.

Why be mad I didn't perform when I can be happy I learned it? Why be upset I wasn't chosen for a company I don't want to dance for anyway? Ballet should be fun, because it makes me dance better, it's more enjoyable to devote my time to something that's fun, and I can express myself.

I'll get back to that later...

Tonight we were surprised to see that our substitute teacher was the drill sergeant who teaches our Tuesday morning class every week. Imagine my excitement. It was almost a blessing in disguise that we had no warning, though, since I had no new pointe shoes sewn to wear at barre, so my toes got a little break (until center at least). Actually, tonight's class wasn't so bad since there were a lot more people for her to evenly distribute her nitpicking, but I think I'll still feel that 1000th fondue tomorrow when we're repeating for the tenth time on releve and there are only a few meager adults to distract her.

It's okay though, it's good for me.

And in my frustration trying to find a flight for an audition that will get me back in time for an oh-so-important Sunday rehearsal, I pigged out tonight, so I guess sweating to the point that there was literally 4 square inches of leotard that wasn't completely drenched in sweat kind of makes up for that a little.

...I digress, but it is way past my bed time! Spring forward. Jeez. Goodnight!


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