Friday, March 14, 2008

Dear Sanna - sounds good!

You've got me hooked. I have only one more week of my online classes (thank goodness!) so I will actually have time for some reading again! It is such a relief to be almost finished. School is just so stressful to me, especially when I have so much going on at ballet, too.

In the artistic director's company class the other day, I got more attention than I think I ever have before! I was so excited for him just to say my name (twice!) and give me a few corrections. It's really encouraging for me to not feel so invisible in company class, if nothing else. However, I am hoping this does mean more, like he has seen an improvement and is going to offer me an apprenticeship... we shall see. I was really motivated to lose weight right after my meeting, so I was at my thinnest about two weeks afterward. I have gained and re-lost a little since then each week, so now I am thinner than what I was at the meeting, but not quite my thinnest. Anyway, it seems like he has noticed my hard work, so if I keep it up I don't see why he won't keep liking me :)


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