Monday, March 31, 2008

Dear Sanna - traveling and audition #1

So I think I'll begin to tell you about my audition tour where I started - the plane. I was definitely glad I left plenty of time to get settled and used to the time change before the audition. I took a red eye tuesday night and arrived wednesday morning. I had 2 ridiculous layovers to get to my final destination, and I actually missed my second flight! I was about to panic, but in my 2:00 a.m. daze, I managed to keep it together and the airline incredibly got me on a flight directly to my final destination, cutting out an extra take-off and landing for me, and getting me in about 15 minutes earlier than planned! wonderful. not that I recommend missing a flight, but it certainly worked out well for me :)

Luckily I also have an uncle in the area, who picked me up from the airport and took me to work with him, where I conveniently met up with some friends before dinner, where my mom and brother came to meet my uncle and I! It was really nice to see my family. The next morning was my first audition, a company class.

I was somewhat disappointed that the artistic director was not there, however the person who came in his place to evaluate the auditioners turned out to be the person who got me the audition in the first place, since we worked together a long time ago at my old studio one summer.

Many company members did not show up to class, which was nice because I did not have to take anyone's spot at barre and there was plenty of room and opportunity to be seen, but I wasn't a big fan off the class. I think the teacher just was not really my style, especially at barre, and I did not get warmed up or on my leg. Also, I was a little annoyed about my barre spot. I took a spot facing sideways to the mirror, because there were no empty spots facing the mirror, but it was fine because I could at least see myself. Then at the last minute, someone walked in and stood right next to me, forcing me to scoot down to even out the space, where my view was blocked by a center barre. Oh well. The person watching didn't come until center anyway. I got one correction during barre, which I'm not sure is a good or bad thing.

Then in center, things got a little better, but still not fantastic. Center was just okay, as far as my dancing. After class, the person watching spoke to each of the auditioners. I was first, and he asked me my age and about my other auditions so far (this was only my second, the first being a cattle call which I didn't make). He told me there were some studio company spots, but they had only just begun to look (basically don't get my hopes up) and he would contact me in about 4 weeks. I should email him if I don't hear anything, and I did nice work and I should say hi to my old director.

So I don't really know what to think about this audition. It was my first ever company class audition, so it definitely could have been worse. We shall see!

Details about my other auditions to come...


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