Friday, March 21, 2008

Dear Sanna - happy spring!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh. This is my sigh of relief after finally submitted the last of my assignments for my online classes. Thank the lord! I am taking a break from school for now, at least for the next quarter. Whew it feels good to be able to focus on ballet now.

Yes it was great to be noticed, and this week has been going pretty well, I must say. My group has been cast in this little part for the next program. It's such a nothing part, they would never make company members do it, but I am still happy to be learning it. I'm also told that my costume is apparently the only one with only one name, and there are 7 people cast for 4 spaces, so I suppose it was intended that I be the only one with my own part. Unfortunately, the man who set the part was not the same one who casted it, and the person with the casting didn't show up until we had already started, so as of now I am second cast, but it's nice to know that it was at least intended that I be first cast.

I keep seeing the directors of the school and the company chatting, and although I have absolutely no basis for these thoughts, I am convinced they are talking about me and how they are about to offer me something. Haha just my dream, but it's nice to think that rather than something negative. I think I've been doing pretty well in class, too, and in school rehearsals I've been going in for the lead I'm learning (finally) because the first cast girl is out of town this week. So it's my time to shine! A nice confidence boost before I go do some auditions next week.

About my weight... once I get in the zone I get in the zone! It's so easy to avoid overeating (my main issue) when I'm in the routine. Unfortunately, all of a sudden, I decide I am starving and I can't stop eating. And then it seems like there is temptation everywhere. My one day off, there's nothing to distract me from food. I just keep heading to the kitchen. And then all my friends want to go out for dinner, and even though my "diet mode" involves eating most of my calories in the middle of the day, and eating little or nothing after evening class, I can't say no to a night out, nor go out without wanting to eat my money's worth, or taking advantage of my rare chance for a delicious meal.

FYI right now I'm kind of back in the zone, but I'm sure the temptation will come (especially because we are nearing the weekend and Easter - a day off!)


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