Saturday, March 29, 2008

DanceMind: Janie Not Back Yet!

With Janie on the road. I am anxious to hear about her travels. Being on the road for auditions can be very costly. Unless it is local, you will have travel expenses for you and your traveling partner (Mom, boyfriend, husband ...) And it can be costly when you add up air fare, meals, hotel, cab/transportation costs, new shoes, lip gloss aaaannnndddd audition fees.

Yes, the audition fees. Many dancers complain about fees. Yet you have to consider that the company has expenses too. (staff, maintenance, etc).

Summer Intensives, training programs, jobs, and productions -- dancers hop planes, drive long distance to audition. All of this can in and of itself be unnerving. Dancers have discovered that they can use that travel time to sit and read, build mental muscle with The Audition CD and catch on lost sleep ...

After all the hard work and preparation, you do want to set the stage BEFORE you walk into the audition room. Do you know you can prepare your mind in many ways BEFORE the audition. You train your mind similar to how you train your body. There are techniques for building INSTANT confidence, or how to mentally rehearse challenging combination using a holographic mind technique.

Dancers tell me that they use the programs all year round because every class is a place where they want to be at their best.

Ballet is competitive and you want your mind to be just as powerful as your body.

We miss you Janie!

Sanna Carapellotti, MS CCHT
Performance Specialist

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