Monday, March 3, 2008

Dear Sanna - where did the week go!?

That man who climbed Mt. Everest sounds amazing. It's true - it really is hard to imagine the incredible things one experiences without experiencing it for yourself.

I love ballet because I still feel like dancing every day, even when I say I hate it, because I'm frustrated and sore and my feet are blistered and my legs are sore.

The company finished their program and are finally on break, although the school really never gets a break. We actually have extra rehearsals now, to take advantage of all the free studio space.

School is a little overwhelming right now, but almost over! Finally! Just 2 more weeks left in this quarter. I still have to decide if I will take more classes right away...


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Selly said...

It's so funny how things work out like that with having more rehearsals when you're supposed to be on a break.

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