Friday, September 21, 2007

Answer gone rant - sorry!

I'm discouraged really easily. I can definitely notice a change in energy, be it a drop if I sort of give up in frustration, or start fidgeting and going nuts because I'm trying way too hard to impress people.

Also, sometimes I'm thinking so much about what's irking me, I forget to pay attention to the combination or really concentrate on my technique.

And while I'm ranting, I also get really upset interpreting things teachers say and do. I get so worked up when a teacher praises the dancer who gets in everyone's way because she practices ALL THE TIME. I know practice makes perfect, but even if I could manage to keep up with these energizer bunnies in class, what would it be like if everyone acted like these people? Nobody would have any room to dance and everyone would resent everyone else for knocking into them or stealing their spots. But I obviously can't say this in response to the teacher's sneer at the class for not being more like the offending dancer, so instead I just think all this and become silently discouraged in the back of class, complaining to myself that I had just been practicing the same amount as the other girl. I just had the decency to work on the side instead of in the middle of the floor, which prevents anyone else from practicing and interrupting the teacher's correction/lecture. Okay sorry I realize that was a huge run-on whine, but it just feels so good to let it out! I promise I'm done for now.

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