Saturday, September 29, 2007

Janie - Making Stronger Corrections

Let's say there is a combination you want to improve.

the corrected version, not what you do wrong. Keep your mind power on
the corrected version. In this way you keep reaching for your

DO NOT SEE the error. Make the change visually.
Feel the movement. Listen to how the movement sounds. (tempo, speed,
rhythm, etc) Tune into the 'experience' of the corrected version as you
watch teachers or other dancers.

It is easy to focus on the error. DROP THAT FOCUS like a dead pointe shoe.

Continue mentally rehearsing in class out of class.

This is on the Audition CD, track 8, disc 2. You take a piece of choreography and review the experience mentally. When you approach it in this way you gain more strength to make the changes more quickly.

You still have to work hard, yet with a mind focused in the direction you want to go, you can correct.

It is like driving a car. You face the direction you want to move. Right?

Use your mind power!

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