Friday, September 28, 2007

Janie -- Your Writing

I am happy to hear that the writing exercise was helpful. You must
realize that it is true for all of us that we carry home, life, dance,
relationships into other areas of life. It crosses over and can be very
Recognizing that not having a parking space is truly unrelated to dance yet can influence dance ability.

that you realize that 'other' stuff enters the studio and has the
potential to enhance your practice one way or another,you can take
deliberate action to set boundaries, or even to apply the frustration.

Anxiety and anger can move you lots of ways.

Try writing for 5 days straight. Can you do that, Janie? Make the effort can each day after let us know what happens.

Writing in this way is certainly not for publication, yet has enormous healing potential.

Back at you later today ....

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