Sunday, September 23, 2007

Janie - Let's talk.

Your last post indicates that you are holding in your rant and you will
soon (no doubt) be juicy, ripe and ready. You also stated that you have
not had the time to rant in a ten minute word doc (see last week's post)

Let's look a little closer at a disaster waiting to happen.

You have an injury and you are busy with life, dance, etc etc etc.

All good stuff. (not the injury of course.)

Janie, Rants are NOT mere words. They create emotions that create feelings in the body.

you will be juicy, ripe and ready -- to explode! You may already
realize that those back up, held inside thoughts, constrict muscles, inhibit the
immune system, cause forgetfulness, clumsy behavior,distractibility.

When the mind runs and rants like that you create enormous tension in the body.

Here is the clincher -- you increase the risk for injury, illness, accident, even simple forgetfulness ( to name a few) There are all symptoms of stress, Janie.

The more you hold, the greater the likelihood of a difficulty.

Do you have 10 mins?

This is an opportunity to clear your mind. The more you do it, the freer you are.

It is easy to fall into trap of old habits. They are subconsious and automatic.
Let's pull the curtain down on this --- Write them out (of your mind, and body!)

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