Thursday, September 27, 2007


Whew! What a rant! It just went on and on and on. I guess I should not have been surprised to find that a lot of it didn't even have much to do with ballet, either. Everything just builds up, from worries about school, ballet, and my future, to things as silly as road rage and finding an effing parking spot every day! I also could see that some of the things I get angry about are really not worth the energy. It's not really that big of a deal if I spend an extra 5 lousy minutes looking for parking.

Every time I went to post, I kept thinking I needed to get that rant out first, so I apologize for missing out on the past few days. Luckily, a teacher saw me icing and asked what was wrong, so I explained that it was bothering me, but it didn't seem too serious. She gave me some advice, which seems to be helping, AND now I feel a little better about taking it easy since she knows about the injury.

I also have been really focusing on corrections I tend to get over and over, almost like I'm trying to get to it before the teacher can, and I think the teachers are noticing and maybe it will be helpful to me to nitpick at one of my own flaws every day.

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