Saturday, September 29, 2007

Janie - Make stronger corrections

Corrections... They are desired because you want to improve and yet can feel exhausting. Especially in ballet, being corrected by the instructor is considered a good thing because you are noticed, yet it can be very frustrating because you could hear the voice and tone of voice repeat the same correction over and over again.

Self sabotage can easily happen ... when you hear a certain combination being called and you say, "Oh here comes that combination and correction." You set the stage beforeyou have even moved. Sometimes it is better and sometimes it is not.

In ballet you are always striving, moving toward dancing "better."

I am still messing up? Why can't my body just do it? She is going to scream at me if I mess up. (your teachers mosy likely do not scream, yet you perceive them as screaming!)

The 'corrected' combination/movement happens with a bunch of little successes that support change. Your willingness to change, courage, mind set, work ethic, openness to change, attendance.

YES, I have all those qualities you might say. Yet if
you put your mind on a correction, You might experience something
else... a flood of negativity that runs counterproductive
to actually correcting the movement.


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