Monday, September 17, 2007

Dancer, Part 2

This is the continuation of The Russian Dancer story ...

Our phone discussion led to a session. She wanted to eliminate the severe stress she expereinced prior to all performances.

Her dancing was absolutely beautiful. Her technique was clearly executed. Not to mention she had the face of an angel.

She was also worried that reducing or stopping the feelings of terror would disrupt her dancing. (It had become sort of a pre-perfomance routine. Something she did before dancing)

She stated that before performances, she would scream very loud and cry. She would yell, "I can't do this. I can't do this. I just can't." She had images of falling, fears of stopping on stage and forgetting every move. NIghtmares during sleep. Stomach cramps and sometimes vomiting (due to the upset). She also had chronic digestive upset.

The interesting thing is that she HAD TO CRY at least so many hours before her rehearsal times because of the puffiness in her eyes. The outbursts were timed perfectly.

In session she learned the root of her fears ... She described a very tiny child, almost waif like who had a very stern ballet master who yelled and yelled, calling the girls names, and was fiercely demeaning. (This was in the '70's). She would tremble and shake in class and never dance without fear for about 2 years before he left the studio. She 'had to get her tears out before going to class." (Notice the patterns!)

Well, we resolved the situation using what is called inner child work. I asked her to imagine if she could walk into her memory of the trauma as an adult .... and scoop up the little girl in her arms and hold her safely and securely.

I inquired -- "What do you want to tell her?" Her response was that "You are free to dance with your spirit.You can dance without fear now. I am here for you." The small ballerina melted in her arms and cried healing tears. (This was in her mind remember. The mind can do this)

Well we placed the child in a safeplace with guardians and I directed her to release the mean instructor, to banish him because he did not deserve to teach little girls. He was mean and nasty. She told him a thing or two and 'cleared' him out of her mind.

She felt so much better. There were some other parts of the work, but this was the best and most healing...

I spoke with her once after that. She was so happy because she was free to dance finally. (she had no clue that her mind was still stuck back there with 'that man.' She said she could now use her emotions more in her dancing rather than wasting it on HIM!

Her terror had dimished to mere butterflies which were set free to dance with her.

Interesting ... It was amazing.

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