Saturday, September 15, 2007

Blood, sweat and tears

Yes. We all know 'it is hard.' The blood sweat and tears make it 'appear' easy and effortless.

Yet, as you stand in the studio, you do not know what other dancers bring with them into the studio. What is behind the eye? In the heart? In the mind? The body?

Easy is an illusion.

I will tell you about a Russian ballet dancer I worked with in the '90's. She was the first dancer I ever worked with in the area of performance.

I was trembling in my knees ... my heart was pounding ... and my words were jumbled. She was so beautiful, so talented. You won't believe this story. (she gave me permission back then to tell her story without name, of course because she was a client her name cannot be used. Gee, is everyone anonymous!)

I do have to go to dinner. Back very soon and i will tell you.

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