Thursday, September 13, 2007

Welcome ... a name.

As this blog begins, I wonder how to begin. Do I ask a question? Strike a chord with a declarative. Blogging is mind-ful, of the moment, so I begin with what is on my mind.

I realize that you have no "name."

Even though you will remain anonymous, I want to call you something, address you in some way. I need to hear a name in my mind, say it out loud, and write a name as I blog.

It also connects me to you like a bridge. I know who I am addressing.
And I certainly don't want to reveal your true name in error.

Maybe others may feel more comfortable with a name for the same reason.

Anonymous feels intriquing, creates wonder from a readers perspective. However, between us begins this relationship of amazing possibility and I need to address you.

Any suggestions? Hmm-mm What could your name be? Maybe you have a favorite character in a ballet that inspires you?

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