Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dear Sanna - auditions 2 & 3

After that first audition, I spent the rest of the day with my mom, and the next morning we left bright and early for my next audition. This was trainee class, and I knew going in that the best position available was an unpaid trainee position. All higher positions have been filled.

I liked the teacher and the class and I thought I danced okay, but to be perfectly honest I wasn't too excited about the program. There were a LOT of girls, and I think it would be a difficult place to get noticed and promote myself next year.

They told me if I came for the summer I was pretty much guaranteed a trainee spot for next year, but unfortunately I don't think this is something I want to do. At least it is purely my decision in this case, right!

Anyway after the audition we had lunch and drove to my home town, where I got to see some old friends and my puppy! And my dad too! It was very nice to be home, if nothing else. But then there was a cattle call the next afternoon, which was just icing on the cake. My first cattle call outside of New York, which was madness last year, I was surprised there were almost 80 people there. They made one cut, after barre, maybe cutting about half the people. I made it to the end, where they spoke to about half of the remaining group about the school. I was not one of those people, so I am either above or below their standards for the school (although hopefully without sounding cocky I must say I was better than many who were in the school group). The rest of us should hear in a week. The longest week of my life, no doubt. I hate to get my hopes up, but I really would just LOVE to get this job. It seems the most promising of the weekend, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

I woke at 4:00 the next morning to catch a plane back here in order to make it to rehearsal. I had originally planned to return monday, but my teacher vetoed that plan and I had to spend a nice sum of money to change to this lovely flight. I raced into rehearsal a little over an hour late, delighted to see the artistic director present. how wonderful. I think they were happy I made the effort, so not too too upset that I was late, but jumping into my spot ice cold and exhausted from traveling and lack of sleep was not the best way to spend my sunday, nor show off my skills to the director. oh well. what are you gonna do? hopefully he'll still offer me something in the near future, because I don't think I need to tell you what a relief it would be to have my future set, at least for the next year.

Oh and did I mention I recently began some yoga classes (you know in all my spare time this past week. ha.)? Anyway if I am in fact here next year, (or even perhaps if I'm not), I am definitely interested in being certified as a yoga instructor, which would be a nice distraction/supplement to ballet that would prepare me for a backup to ballet, or just a source of some extra money if I do make it as a dancer.


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