Monday, April 7, 2008

DANCEMIND: Dear Janie -- Life as a Dancer

I was just thinking about you!!! and your post popped into my e-mail.

Yes, these moments are difficult.  What do you do? How do you manage?
Are you thinking too much, fretting, personalizing in some way?  

Consider this -- You have done your work and your best (at the auditions) at that moment. You have to let go of the outcome because it is out of your hands now ...  Companies make decisions on numbers, technique efficiency, appearance, emotionality, etc.  What can be a fit at one company may not be a fit for another. It is a reality one must face i this industry, very fickle, very demanding, very subjective.

Even with all your hard work and adorable face, Janie, it is not always about you personally, but what they want and need THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW ABOUT.

Continue working and planning -- Ask yourself a series of what if questions to design a plan? What if - you do not receive the kind of invitation you want? (You have received one, although not what you want.)  What if you do receive something from a company you are not so sure about... maybe you are not a good fit? After the audition you realized that maybe you do not like their style, program structure, ...  

Begin to look beyond and formulate a plan. Go out and have some fun too. Get a laugh with your friends. Do something that you enjoy doing.

Do not give up your work ethic and values -- these qualities are YOURS!  

Time is important...

What do  your parents say about this?  They may have options or suggestions.

Janie, THANK YOU for your honesty and forthcoming approach. You reveal some very difficult moments and excitement that many of our readers truly benefit from. (I get personal emails from them).  You are helping dancers to realize that they have options and are not alone in their struggles.

Sanna Carapellotti, MS CCHT

PS --  You learned a lot during your Audition Tour.

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