Wednesday, April 23, 2008

DanceMind: Dear Janie -- Pros - Point 2

POINT TWO - Good Pay. The director's assistant did not give me any details yet, so I googled the companies salaries and found an article that described them in the country's currency. I used online currency converters and unless I messed up or the source is unreliable, the company makes between 800.00 and 1100.00 a week.  That's about what the first year corps at NYCB makes, so I couldn't hope for a higher salary even if I was offered a job here. If I do stay, the best I'll get is a small stipend, no where near enough to pay my bills, or perhaps tuition.

COMMENT --    Yes, that does sound good. HOWEVER, you do not have anything in writing, or a contract.  There may be some other consideration for someone of your position, so you really can't decide if it is good or not until you know what you will receive and the cost of living, etc.

You also have to consider relocation costs. How long will it take you to recoup flights, transfers,  all your expenses. Will they reimburse you for anything?

Many performers work a few jobs to meet expenses. There are countless ways to do that as you know.  

What are the expenses of living in THAT country?  Do you know?  The average income.  The cost of food, rent, etc.   Are your parents willing to offer monthly support?


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