Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dear Sanna - awww man! (but it's okay!)

I got an email last night from the director's assistant that explains that they were hoping I could come learn some ballets before they go on tour at the end of May so I could go along, but of course I have to finish out my "contract" here so I can't go :( Boo that would have been so cool!

He also told me the next season begins in August, so that sounds a little comfier, to everyone. The contracts last one year and continue from year to year if I "stay working in the company." Does that mean I can get fired? If so, that's okay because I would almost rather see a company with a strong work ethic and integrity than have a cozy job for the rest of my life with a company I've never seen that could possibly be very lazy.

They provide health care (yay) and pointe shoes, although we will need to further investigate this, as I am told they may not be able to get the kind I like. (Could I provide my own and be reimbursed?)

Okay ready for the bad news? The salary I calculated must have been a monthly salary, because I am told I will start out with $1000 a month, not a week. Ha. I knew it was too good to be true. Oh well, as many have said, it's more than I am making now or could hope to make next year anywhere else! Honestly, I am relieved this is the bad news at this point. Clearly I am not in this profession for the money, although it would be nice. I'm hoping this amount will pay the bills, but really, this is an amazing opportunity and as I said I would be making less if I stayed here anyway. So that's that.

Anyway they seem very nice, and I really can't see why I wouldn't accept this offer, as long as the whole citizenship thing goes smoothly - of course I will be looking into that further this week.


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