Monday, April 28, 2008

DanceMind: Dear Janie -- PRO, Pointe 6

Pro Point 6 --  Janie Writes --My parents are actually supportive. Of course they do not want me to be so far away, but I was surprised to hear how ready they were to agree to this.

This is a definite plus that your parents support you.  They are saying that they trust you, that you are capable, and that they are in agreement that it could be a good experience for you. They may also be agreeing that some financial support is possible. (Have you discussed the 'business' end of it with them?)

You must have earned their trust and secured their commitment to your goals by your hard work, your life style, how you behave and your attitudes towards them and your desire to pursue ballet. This is to be applauded. We all know that the path in the ballet world is not 
a traditional straight and narrow one. 

You would want to ask -- the "What if's ..."  Can you afford to travel back and forth in the event of a family crisis? Or if you decide that you are too unhappy, or the situation was not safe, or you are injured ???

Because of the distance, I think you need to consider  a broader picture to know that safety and health issues are discussed and reasonably planned out.  It is not like living in the next city where your parents can drive over in you are ill or injured. I do not believe that this is being negative. If you have a plan in place then you, and they, will feel more secure and safer.

I am sure the company has ideas too. Ask them any questions of this nature.

Kudos to you and your relationship with your parents!!! Keep talking with them as you discover more information. Being older and wiser they will have a different slant and perspective to help sort through what you are learning.

Again, Keep learning and discovering!!!  I am so proud of you and your approach to this ---

Sanna Carapellotti, MS CCHT

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