Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dear Sanna - in the zone

oh yeah the "zone". I mean in general really focused, in the instance I used it earlier, really focused on losing weight. I suppose there is rarely a time when I am not really eating way too much and not really thinking about it, but usually when I get into a habit of eating well, I am very healthy.

It's not that I don't eat sweets at all, but when I am in the zone, I rarely overeat and never feel that gross full feeling. Usually this means I eat less at one time, and more often throughout the day. I have an early dinner and avoid snacks between dinner and bedtime, unless of course I am really hungry, which I know is not healthy.

Frozen veggies are my new favorite. I'm sure I am very strange, but I love eating frozen peas, still frozen. It's like my own healthy version of ice cream! Putting individual yogurts in the freezer is also good. I've unfortunately found that I cannot buy a half gallon of ice cream from the grocery store, because I will have some at least once every day until it's a little more than half way gone, and then I'll just end up eating the rest! So bad. I also can't have too many temptations at once, especially perishable ones, which make it easier to justify eating them before they spoil.

My biggest problem is just eating because I'm bored or I think it's time to eat, or I'm in a social setting with a lot of food, even though I'm not at all hungry. If I just really think about whether my stomach or my brain wants the food, usually I find that I am not really hungry.

I think I'm doing pretty well, and people have told me I look good (yay!), just not the most important people (yet). Soon I think it will be time to speak up if I still don't get any feedback from the artistic director. The show's coming up! We'll see...



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