Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dear Sanna - wow I thought I made a pre-performance post

So I guess I forgot to make a little post last week before the performance madness began. We were in the theater for the greater part of last week, which was a nice way to get comfortable with the stage before the show for a change.

Casting never officially went up, for your information, but I ended up with some decent parts, actually. All corps, except a piece with only 3 people - a boy, another girl, and I, which I actually got the most compliments on, despite our initial dislike for the piece. One of the others is one of my favorite ballets, even if I was only one of many corps members. I had learned the lead, but never got to do it.

The last was a piece I was not supposed to learn at all. I ended up going to rehearsals a few weeks in, and somehow worked my way up from 4th cast to first. I felt a little bad, because the original first cast girl wasn't really ever officially taken out, and it wasn't even really hinted until she left for a pre-excused week-long absence about 3 weeks ago. It was almost more of a punishment to her that I got to do it (both shows so far, and the rest are just school shows), but she's young and had other parts and wasn't mad at me, even if she was upset. I know there's really nothing I can do, but I still didn't feel great about it.

So the shows went pretty well as far as I'm concerned. More shows for the next few weeks, even though I probably wont be performing too much. Still no words about next year, although there was mention of "talking". Dunno when. The director of the school told me. The same one who said I was probably definitely in for next year (in January), so I guess not exactly the most reliable source. I'll believe it when I hear it from the artistic director and keep you posted.


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Janie - do not be disappointed. Keep working!