Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dear Sanna - pros and cons

That's one of the reasons I love this blog. I have considered the pros and cons of this decision, but it's definitely helpful to write it out.

1. It's the only actual job offer I have. Even if I am successful in all of my auditions, the best offer I can even hope for is a second company position, and I could end up back in a ballet school. It seems to me that having been in a ballet corps makes it easier to get a job, so even if I decide I hate it there and want to come home, it will probably be easier for me to get a job than if I had stayed in the states next year.
2. Good pay. The director's assistant did not really give me any details yet, so I googled the company's salaries and found an article that described them in the country's currency. I used online currency converters, and unless I messed up or the source is unreliable, the company makes between $800-1100 a week! That's about what first year corps at NYCB makes, so I couldn't hope for a higher salary even if I was offered a job here. If I do stay, the best I'll get is a small stipend, nowhere near enough to pay my bills, or perhaps even tuition.
3. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I may never get another chance to live in another country. Since I did not choose the college route, I almost see this as my opportunity for study abroad, except beyond the cultural and educational benefits, this will also probably help my career, and I will make money doing it, rather than spend it as most study abroad students do.
4. The weather is gorgeous. Enough said.
5. I have nothing to lose. I really have no strings right now. I don't have a job, I rent an apartment I can easily get out of, I'm attending community college which I intended to transfer out of anyway. I was prepared to move this year anyway, even if I hadn't thought it would be out of the country.
6. My parents are actually pretty supportive. Of course they don't want me to be so far away, but I was surprised to hear how ready they were to agree to this.


1. It's very far away. This means even more expensive airfare and longer flights. (So less visits home.) But not necessarily less people visiting me, because I think this place might have more appeal than my current location. PLUS I'll be getting paid, so the airfare is more feasible.
2. I know very little about the company, which doesn't necessarily mean it will be bad, but there's a chance I might not like it, or worse, get out of shape or injured while I am there.
3. I know very little about the area, and I won't know anyone going there and I will be all by myself, but this could be the case anywhere.
4. I can only go if I become a citizen, and I really don't know the rules about that, so there could be many cons within this one, or there could be very few. I don't know. And I'm only pretty sure I could maintain my American citizenship, but not positive. Which might be bad.

That's all I got! And newsflash since I began this post: just got an email asking if I can come at the beginning of May! That is REALLY soon in case you didn't know. YIKES? ha that was a typo that it was in all caps and with a question mark, but I decided to keep it there because it seems fitting. I'm really excited, so the "yikes" is unsure. Anyway, they seem to understand that I might have obligations in May (which I might. I will need to ask about this). We shall see!!


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