Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dear Sanna - advice!

Reading over my other posts, I just thought of a little piece of advice I would like to give to all:

be prepared for random things at auditions!!

such as:

telling people where you have auditioned, your success, etc. and what you are planning to do. I was a little caught off guard when asked this, and I could have been more clear about my hopes of being offered an apprenticeship where I am, and that I had only just begun my auditions

doing variations or whatever - it's a good idea to have music and something prepared just in case. I have definitely heard of directors asking people if they can do a variation after taking company class...

pointe or flat - you never know what they'll want so be prepared for either

slippery or sticky conditions. maybe shoes fit for either? maybe a little baggy of rosin. or if you need it for your heels, bring your own because many places don't have rosin or don't allow it on their floors! I discovered this the hard way...

and try to find out ahead of time if there is a dress code or if people tend to wear tights over or under, etc. I know I feel more comfortable when I am dressed like the company members


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Sanna Carapellotti said...

Yes, Janie. Very good suggestions. These are things a professional knows and learns from experience and observation. It can MAKE the difference for you a auditions.