Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dear Sanna - In Response to Your Questions...

I am comfortable with (the idea of) living alone in a foreign country. I have never done it, so I can't be sure, but the idea of moving out of the U.S. does not phase me. I really see it as an opportunity to study abroad, which many of my friends and family have already done, so it does not really scare me.

There are concerns in this area that it might not be the safest place, but then again there's always going to be a risk, no matter where I go, and I won't let that dictate my life. There's possibility of another terrorist attack (heaven forbid) in New York City, but I would never think twice about that if I was planning on moving there. I could be scared of living in the south because of hurricanes. To me, there may be fears, but unless there are absolute reasons that would make me weary of even visiting a place, I don't like to let such things prevent me from living my life.

I do not know someone directly in the area, but I have many good friends and family who have already told me about people they know there. An Uncle already told his friends in high positions there that I may be coming, and they promised to take care of me.

I'm not sure I would really call this a risk, but if it is, I took a similar risk by moving where I am now, and I have no regrets.

When I think about myself years from now looking back on this experience, I can't imagine regretting making the move. Rather, it seems like an opportunity one might regret if they missed out on. I am not really missing out on any other opportunities by staying here, because I don't really have any other opportunities. None of the offers I received this year made me feel this way. It was all kind of expected, or disappointing after learning the details.

I can't really predict what I would say to myself in the future, because I don't know how my life will play out. Everything happens for a reason, I think, and I'm sure either way I will have a pretty good life. I'm sure if I go I will learn a lot, no matter what happens. If I decide I hate it and want to move back, then I'll have that experience and that new knowledge. Of course if I like it, I'll stay for I don't know how long. If I don't go, I'll always wonder what could've happened, although maybe sticking it out here another year would result in a job. Or maybe taking a modest position somewhere else, it will turn out to be the right place for me, but why not choose the place offering me a job, with a real adventure?

I can afford to travel home in the case of a family crisis or if I just decide I want to go home. The only thing about living in this place that will be more expensive than my current situation is travel. Everything else (as far as I know) should be about the same, or probably even a little cheaper. I won't have a car there, so no gas money, and I'll probably be within walking distance from the studios, so no public transportation money either. Housing even seems a little less expensive. In addition, I will have a monthly salary, so my parents should be putting out less money that they would if I stayed here, and if I need to come home, they could definitely afford it, or if they continued to give me the same financial assistance as this year, I could use my savings for a plane ticket.


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