Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dear Sanna - told the director of the school

Every time I approach the director of the school, I feel a little annoying and timid, knocking on her door "um do you have a minute?" so today I caught her on her way out of class and said "I have news!" It felt like a better approach, but when I told her, she hadn't heard of the company (I was not surprised) and seemed pretty skeptical at first. She said I could go check it out for the first week in May if I wanted, but I needed to be back for the last 3 weeks of May for shows. I told her what I knew about the company and gave her the website and went to get ready for class. My spirits had dropped a little.

Then, after class, the director and the "career adviser" of the school seemed much more optimistic, after doing a little research. They liked what they saw about the rep, size of the company, amount of performances per year, touring, etc. They said definitely go check it out first, suggesting the first week of May....

Mom did not like that very much. It is "way too expensive" and "too short of notice" for me to fly out for the first week in May. So I emailed the company back explaining my obligations through May.

I still think this looks like a really cool, likely possibility for next year! If so, I will have a very busy few months...


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