Wednesday, October 10, 2007

happy corrections, isolation, and resolutions

i noticed that the corrections i take negatively are much less effective. i find my mind wandering to irrelevant thoughts about the teacher, myself, and analyzing the correction instead of just fixing it. the other day a company member took me aside in class and told me she thought my jumps would work better if i really thought about using my knees, since everything else seemed to be correct. just the fact that she seemed to genuinely care about me (and even threw in a compliment) made me see her correcting as a lovely gift. i was eager to try out the correction and let her know how it worked out, as she requested.

this is just one example of how helpful this blog has already been

i don't exactly feel comfortable telling the teacher i am working on a specific correction, since i'm not sure the teacher will a) care (as in he or she will give me the same corrections either way) or b) remember that one of the many students in class would like to focus only on her por de bras today. i do think i will try it privately, though. it would be impossible to completely isolate one thing anyway, so i don't think a teacher unaware of my intent correcting me on something else would be a bad thing.

yes i resolved to really try to do 90% of the things that little voice nags that i should do. from icing my injuries to taking out the garbage right now, maybe everything will be slightly more under control if i do this...

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