Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dear Janie -- Contradictions

This note is in response to your post on October 27 about class/studio parts and feeling confused.

Well, if we had 50 dollars for every dancer that has said that, we would be pretty well off. I would retire to the mountains of Italy, et vous?

This is quite common, yes?

Do you have the opportunity to speak with your teachers for an evaluation of your progress?
That can be very helpful to you and you may come away with a different sense for your placement in class.

I know how hard you work. The kudos from teachers and roles you get, come .... and go. It is confusing. (It could just be confusing, Janie.) Although, it can wear on you.

Again this is one of those situations where you have control over yourself and how you handle this 'internally.' (in your mind)

I know this happens a lot from the very young to the professional. I hear it in private sessions, read it in bio info and stories and have had discussions with dancers I know as friends (who no longer dance).

I AM GOING TO THROUGH THIS OUT THERE ... How can you handle this? What would you advise to a friend? ( and anyone else who wants to comment> That would be great!)

Sanna Carapellotti, MS
Performance Specialist

PS -- Read this article -- Me Generation Seeks Fame Without Sweat, by Luke Jennings.
The link is above. It is also posted on my website at www.mentalperformances.com/?section=53. (second article)

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