Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dear Janie -- You are right on!

Good job!

Ballet can be tedious and boring. Yes, 'acting as if' or doing something as simple as smiling can give you the boost you need to move through it. It is energizing and lifts the mind body to higher plateaus becaue the mind is focused and the body responds.

TO ~A --You commented that you USED TO HAVE a vivid imagination. You may be worried or thinking too much. Try this exercise in a way that can work for you. Imagine the process out side of class. See if it works for you then. That may tell you something!!!

OR ... I am serious about this --- Just smile when you approach class, are in class. SMILE.

OR ... Just simply feel like you are dancing like someone else.

Keep it simple.

Janie you made some adjustments. That is the beauty of mental stratgies for performance. You take a technique and see what works for you. There is no rule really because we are all different. Your mind power will guide you to what feels right for you. Mental techniques frees your mind.

Many clients will tell me the same thing. It is all about tweaking and making it work for you. Sadly many perfromers never reach their potential because they do not know that they can empower themselves.

To inspire imagination -- Daydream. It is all right there for you.

Good job to hear from others. Let me and Janie know how you are doing.

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Selly said...

At first, this blog didn't make sense to me. but then I read your first few posts. You have a really interesting thing going on here.

stay on your toes,